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Historical Publications

U.S. Department of Energy has an abundance of historical information about the United States’ nuclear testing program. These nuclear tests and simultaneous detonations were conducted from 1945 through 1992. Many of these historical documents can be located at the National Nuclear Security Administration Nuclear Testing Archive.


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DOE_NV -- 209 Rev 16.pdfDOE_NV -- 209 Rev 16United States Nuclear Test July 1945 through September 1992  9/1/2015DOE_NV-209 Rev 16  Historical    2179 KB
DOE_NV -- 209 Rev 16_PrintCopy.pdfDOE_NV -- 209 Rev 16_PrintCopyUnited States Nuclear Test July 1945 through September 1992  9/1/2015DOE_NV -- 209 Rev 16_PrintCopyHistorical    1852 KB
DOE_MA0518.pdfDOE_MA0518Origins of the Nevada Test Site12/1/2000DOE/MA 0518Historical3242 KB
plowshare.pdfplowshareDeclassification of the Yields of 11 Nuclear Tests Conducted as Part of the Plowshare Peaceful Uses for Nuclear Explosives Program12/1/1997Historical13 KB
0333892-DOE-EIS-0243-mitigation-(02-97).pdf0333892-DOE-EIS-0243-mitigation-(02-97)1996 Environmental Impact Statement – Mitigation Plan2/1/19970333892DOE-EIS-02434062 KB
0333820-DOE-EIS-0243-ReadersGuide-(08-96).pdf0333820-DOE-EIS-0243-ReadersGuide-(08-96)1996 Environmental Impact Statement – Reader’s Guide8/1/19960333820DOE-EIS-0243998 KB
0333821-DOE-EIS-0243-summary-(08-96).pdf0333821-DOE-EIS-0243-summary-(08-96)1996 Environmental Impact Statement - Summary8/1/19960333821DOE-EIS-02437299 KB
0333822-DOE-EIS-0243-Vol-1-Ch-1-9 -(08-96).pdf0333822-DOE-EIS-0243-Vol-1-Ch-1-9 -(08-96)1996 Environmental Impact Statement – Chapters 1-98/1/19960333822DOE-EIS-024367648 KB
0333823-DOE-EIS-0243-Vol-3-Pt.B-(08-96).pdf0333823-DOE-EIS-0243-Vol-3-Pt.B-(08-96)1996 Environmental Impact Statement – Public Comment and Response Document (Part B)8/1/19960333823DOE-EIS-024330059 KB
0333824-DOE-EIS-0243-Vol-2-(08-96).pdf0333824-DOE-EIS-0243-Vol-2-(08-96)1996 Environmental Impact Statement – Framework for the Resource Management Plan8/1/19960333824DOE-EIS-02439542 KB
0333825-DOE-EIS-0243-Vol-3-Pt-A.pdf0333825-DOE-EIS-0243-Vol-3-Pt-A1996 Environmental Impact Statement – Public Comment and Response Document8/1/19960333825DOE-EIS-024336469 KB
0333826-DOE-EIS-0243-Vol.1-App-A-F-(08-96).pdf0333826-DOE-EIS-0243-Vol.1-App-A-F-(08-96)1996 Environmental Impact Statement – Appendices A-F8/1/19960333826DOE-EIS-024317209 KB
0333827-DOE-EIS-0243-Vol-1-App-G(08-96).pdf0333827-DOE-EIS-0243-Vol-1-App-G(08-96)1996 Environmental Impact Statement – American Indian Assessments8/1/19960333827DOE-EIS-024313718 KB
0333890-DOE-EIS-0243-Vol-1-App-H-(8-96).pdf0333890-DOE-EIS-0243-Vol-1-App-H-(8-96)1996 Environmental Impact Statement – Human Health Risks and Safety Impacts Study8/1/19960333890DOE-EIS-02437252 KB
0333891-DOE-EIS-0243-Vol-1-App-I(08-96).pdf0333891-DOE-EIS-0243-Vol-1-App-I(08-96)1996 Environmental Impact Statement – Transportation Study8/1/19960333891DOE-EIS-024312324 KB
DOENV_374.PDFDOENV_374Development of the Town Data Base: Estimates of Exposure Rates and Times of Fallout Arrival Near the Nevada Test Site9/1/1994DOE/NV 374Historical5030 KB
OTA-ISC-414.pdfOTA-ISC-414The Containment of Underground Nuclear Explosions10/1/1989OTA-ISC-414Historical49124 KB
DOENV_317.pdfDOENV_317Radiological Effluents Released from U.S. Continental Tests, 1961 through 1992DOE/NV 317Historical1821 KB
DOENV_715_Rev1.pdfDOENV_715_Rev1Nevada Test Site GuideDOE/NV 715 Rev1Historical27638 KB

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