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Operation Doorstep and Operation Cue. This video shows Federal Civil Defense Administration film footage. In the Operation Doorstep portion, footage shows blast and thermal effects on mannequins, automobiles, and wooden frame houses. [ Full Text ]


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http://www.nv.doe.gov/library/photos/thumbs/dr-01.jpgOPERATION DOORSTEPSC-504624
http://www.nv.doe.gov/library/photos/thumbs/dr-02.jpgOPERATION DOORSTEPSC-504623
http://www.nv.doe.gov/library/photos/thumbs/dr-03.jpgOPERATION DOORSTEPSC-504649
http://www.nv.doe.gov/library/photos/thumbs/dr-04.jpgOPERATION DOORSTEPS-55-8
http://www.nv.doe.gov/library/photos/thumbs/dr-05.jpgOPERATION DOORSTEPS-22-5
http://www.nv.doe.gov/library/photos/thumbs/dr-06.jpgOPERATION DOORSTEPS-55-10
http://www.nv.doe.gov/library/photos/thumbs/dr-07.jpgOPERATION DOORSTEPS-53-2
http://www.nv.doe.gov/library/photos/thumbs/dr-08.jpgOPERATION DOORSTEPS-36-3
http://www.nv.doe.gov/library/photos/thumbs/dr-09.jpgOPERATION DOORSTEPS-36-4
http://www.nv.doe.gov/library/photos/thumbs/dr-10.jpgOPERATION DOORSTEPS-36-5
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Date Last Modified: November 17, 2015