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National Security Technologies, LLC Contract Award

National Security Technologies, LLC is the Management and Operating contractor for the Nevada National Security Site and satellite facilities of the Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration Nevada Field Office. The contract valued at approximately $2,500,000,000 was awarded on March 28, 2006. The contract period of performance is July 1, 2006 through September 30, 2011 with the potential for five additional performance-based award–term years.


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NameTitleDescriptionFile Size
DE-AC52-06NA25946.pdfDE-AC52-06NA25946Part I - The Schedule & Part II - Contract Clauses
Section B Supplies or Services and Prices/Costs
Section C Statement of Work
Section D  Packaging and Marking
Section E  Inspection and Acceptance
Section F  Deliverables or Performance
Section G  Contract Administration Data
Section H  Special Contract Requirements
Part II - Contract Clauses
11179 KB
PartIII_AtchA_AppA.pdfPartIII_AtchA_AppAPart III – Section J Appendix A
Advance Understandings Human Resources for Profit
289 KB
PartIII_AtchB_AppB.pdfPartIII_AtchB_AppBPart III – Section J Appendix B
Subcontracting Plan
670 KB
PartIII_AtchC_AppC.pdfPartIII_AtchC_AppCPart III – Section J Appendix C
List of Applicable Laws, Regulations, and DOE Directives
450 KB
PartIII_AtchD_AppD.pdfPartIII_AtchD_AppDPart III – Section J Appendix D
Corporate Parent Promises and Commitments
19 KB
PartIII_AtchE_AppE.pdfPartIII_AtchE_AppEPart III – Section J Appendix E
7 KB
PartIII_AtchE_AppF.pdfPartIII_AtchE_AppFPart III – Section J Appendix F
Key Personnel
137 KB
PartIII_AtchF_AppG.pdfPartIII_AtchF_AppGPart III – Section J Appendix G
Contractor Transition Plan
982 KB
PartIII_AtchG_AppH.pdfPartIII_AtchG_AppHPart III – Section J Appendix H
Special Financial Institution Agreement for Use With The Payments-Cleared Financing Arrangements
6 KB
PartIII_AtchH_AppI.pdfPartIII_AtchH_AppIPart III – Section J Appendix I
Diversity Plan
7028 KB
PartIII_AtchH_AppJ.pdfPartIII_AtchH_AppJPart III – Section J Appendix J
Parent Organization Oversight Plan
1124 KB

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